In a release that will change Facebook advertising for all businesses, we’re going to try and keep it simple because everything we’ve read lately just feels so techy.

Apple users with iOS 14 on their device will now have the choice to block what data is shared with the apps they use.

Apps will now be required to ask you for permission to collect and share your data.

What is an IDFA?

You will see this acronym floating around – IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) is a unique identifier for mobile devices and is used to target and measure the effectiveness of advertising one a user level across mobile devices.

What’s the deal?

Apple has announced that it will give users the ability to choose to block the sharing of this unique identifier at the App level. Previously, consumers had to opt-out. Now when a user installs or updates the new iOS, a prompt will appear alerting the user to opt-in or opt-out of the sharing of this information.

Currently, about 70% of IOS users share their IDFA with app publishers, after this change it’s estimated that this number will drop to 10% to 15%.

This pop-up notification follows a similar approach to Apple’s iOS 13 update which informed users that an app was tracking their location and offered the choice to “always allow”, “limit its use”, or “deny access”. Additionally, iOS 14 users will have a dashboard for “App Privacy” to see what permissions their apps have access to.

Apple iOS14 Update, Banter Group
Apple iOS14 Update, Banter Group

What does it mean for my advertising?

This is a huge impact for small businesses. Facebook announced “without personalised ads, Facebook data shows that the average small business advertiser stands to see a cut of over 60% in their sales for every dollar they spend”.

“While limiting how personalised ads can be used does impact larger companies like us, these changes will be devastating to small businesses, adding to the many challenges they face right now.”

Social platforms are still working through how to adapt to these changes but expect many press releases over the coming months with their responses. Facebook still isn’t happy with the release of the privacy updates with iOS14 (even though they were given many months’ notice) which is why they launched the campaign below ‘supporting small businesses’ in newspapers and on digital platforms globally.

Apple iOS14 Update, Banter Group

Final Thoughts

For people who choose to opt-out, it doesn’t mean they will no longer see ads, it just means the ads they see will just not be personalised to them and potentially irrelevant. So instead of seeing a Facebook feed full of earring-makers you might see mens underwear ads.

Before I go, have you noticed an orange or green dot on your iPhone up near your battery or signal? You aren’t alone, this is a NEW feature of the iOS 14 operating system. This indicator light tells you when and app is using your microphone and camera – how handy is that! It sounds scary but seeing the dot at the top of the screen is not a reason to be alarmed in all cases. Some apps need to use your microphone (orange dot) or camera (green dot) in order to function—your phone for example, or a video conferencing app such as Zoom or WhatsApp. Just keep your eye on it.

Apple iOS14 Update, Banter Group