“Have you seen our delicious new website?

It has been beautifully crafted by the amazing at Banter Group.

What. A. Team.

I sent Val a highly ambitious enquiry about ‘knocking something up within 2 weeks’, having no idea about the process involved in creating a visually stunning advertising tool.

Basically I just wanted the repulsive mission brown disaster I already had gone as soon as humanly possible.

What followed was one of the most professional, well-oiled processes I’ve ever been a part of. Emersion sessions, concept design, copy writing, search strategies, social media support – I don’t even know the jargon for half of what this amazing team did, but it was perfection and opened my eyes to what the back end of an effective website looks like.

The most amazing part was while the whole process was so professional, I felt like I was hanging out with a group of my closest gal pals, working on a project together. Serious fun. Miss them already. Drinks ladies??

You don’t get that everyday folks…

So, if you are in the market for a new website, let’s extend ‘support local’ to other services, such as IT. We seriously have one of the best teams right here in the Highlands!”

– Cassandra, Eschalot Restaurant Berrima