Banter Education, Digital Marketing courses

Giving you power in knowledge and skills

Giving you power in knowledge and skills

Banter Education, Digital Marketing courses

Banter Education

The world is evolving at lightning speed. Banter is supporting business growth and development through a range of training courses & workshops to help you understand and manage the complex areas of marketing and branding. Our customised courses will provide you with the tools, education and mentorship to upskill and take control of the marketing needs for your business.

We offer: group learning; 1:1 training, coaching and mentoring; and company training tailored for your industry and for the needs of your teams. Drop us an email to discuss your needs for a tailored approach to learning at

Upcoming Courses

Empowering sole traders and small business owners to manage their own social media. 

With the ever changing social media landscape, you need to know how the platforms operate, and how best to use them to achieve your business goals.  This 3 part course will equip you with the tools you need to take control and effectively manage your social media.

The brains behind the Banter


Valentina Borbone, Banter Group, Marketing agency

Meet Valentina Borbone. Val is the the co-owner of Banter Group. After more than 20 years honing her craft in a high intensity agency based environment, Val decided it was time to create a service that embodied everything she wanted to see in a superior marketing agency…. right here in the Highlands! 

Val spent has years of industry experience, spending time getting to know the needs of her clients and truly understanding what it means to be an effective marketer. 


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