Living proof that an ‘agency’ can be different, look different and work differently

WHO | Living proof that an ‘agency’ can be different, look different and work differently

Banter Group is a full service marketing agency focused on strategic campaigns, brand story telling and digital experiences.

We are helping businesses navigate the complex landscapes of branding, marketing and technology to achieve business efficiency, growth and success. We think strategically, are passionate about providing training, mentoring and education, and are champions at implementing solutions.

We are a people first business, with a strong focus on work life balance, and working cohesively and collaboratively. We pride ourselves on a local and experienced team (no offshoring for us) and we give people the support and freedom to uncover the most creative solution.

Banter was born out of a desire to help businesses in an area of expertise they may not have, may not have time for or may not have the resources to complete in house. Marketing needs strategy, it needs time and experience to be developed, time to create assets and most importantly marketing and branding should achieve business goals. We believe in straight-forward and efficient solutions that work.

The Services we Offer

Conversations Create Solutions

Across our 20+ year careers we’ve worked with an impressive range of clients that have given us fantastic opportunities and experience. From educating businesses about the ever changing digital landscape and how technical trends translate to consumer use in everyday life, to hands on development of digital platforms, products and solutions, creative campaigns and building emerging brands.

We take the time to learn about our clients’ businesses to enforce the strategic direction of each and every marketing message to achieve business goals. We are small enough to be agile and highly adaptive, yet big enough to produce large scale projects.

You can outsource your marketing needs or we can be an extension of your business.

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